AI Assisted FUE
Hair Transplant
For Natural Results

  •  Robot identifies and Selects Prime Hair for Harvesting guided by a Hair Transplant Doctor
  •  High-definition Stereoscopic Vision System Analyzes Each Hair Sixty Times Per Second
  •  Robots Do Not Get Fatigued and Delivers Robotic Precision
  •  Allows for Fast Recovery

Discover the ultimate in precision and efficiency with our image-guided robotic alignment technology, harvesting each follicular unit at the optimal angle. Trust in our doctors and join the countless satisfied clients who have transformed their hair with our hair transplant solutions. Don’t wait, unlock the potential of a confident and vibrant look today!

Hair Restoration Procedures

Our Montreal clinic specializes in advanced hair transplant, employing the latest techniques to provide you with a fuller and more natural-looking head of hair for long-lasting results to enhance your self-confidence.

*Illustrations handdrawn by Dr Sinno.

View Hair Transplant Before & After Pictures

Explore our gallery of images of real patients who have entrusted us to accompany them on their hair transplant journey. These pictures aren’t just visuals; they show the genuine satisfaction and renewed self-assurance experienced by our patients—a testament to our commitment to excellence and your path to authentic hair transformation.

The FolliclMD Hair Transplant Experience


Our team of experienced and compassionate doctors focuses on delivering personalized services by answering all your questions and putting you at ease from the moment you step into our Montreal clinic. From consultation to post-procedure care, our commitment to delivering long-lasting, natural-looking results and our dedication to patient satisfaction are unwavering.

With the promise of always staying up to date with the newest technologies our mission at Follicl MD is to restore and prevent ones hair loss while rebuilding your confidence and making you feel like your youthful self again

Best Regards,

Hani Sinno

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    Meet Our Specialized Hair Transplant Doctors

    Our team is dedicated to transforming the lives of men and women through hair transplantation. Led by Dr. Hani Sinno, a renowned plastic surgeon, and Dr. Noémie Vézina, a specialist in hair restoration, we are your trusted choice for hair transplants. With a passion for aesthetics and a holistic approach, we help you regain confidence and vitality.

    Dr. Sinno’s extensive experience in aesthetic surgery, his commitment to excellence, and Dr. Vézina’s personal journey of overcoming hair loss after an acute illness make us uniquely qualified to provide top-quality hair transplant care. We understand the emotional impact of hair loss, and we offer tailored solutions that suit your unique needs.

    Meet our team of specialists by contacting our Montreal clinic and experience a compassionate, patient-focused approach that delivers remarkable results. Your journey to beautiful hair starts here with us.

    Dr Sinno and Dr. Vézina