Follicl MD experience

Dedicated explicitly to hair loss treatments, Follicl MD is a leading competitor in hair restoration. The use of the newest, most modern technology, combined with renowned medical expertise, will leave you with long-lasting results and gained confidence. Follicl MD’s unique experience is tailored to every patient. With doctors that understand your needs and a welcoming atmosphere you will be satisfied walking out of Follicl MD.

We provide a modern approach to hair restoration, harnessing advanced technology and our medical expertise to give your hair follicles a new lease on life.

We specialize in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This modern hair transplant method involves extracting individual hair follicles from donor areas using a specialized instrument and implanting them into the recipient area for natural results. With local anesthesia, minimal scarring, and quicker recovery, you can achieve a fuller, more natural-looking hairline for renewed self-confidence.


What to expect

Day of your procedure

Most AI ASSISTED FUE Robotic Procedures start in the morning and end in the afternoon. You should wear comfortable clothes such as a button down shirt or a shirt with a zip-front to the procedure and bring a loose- fitting hat for your ride home. Many patients designate someone to drive them to and from their procedure.

While we may provide an entertainment selection, you may want to bring something from home. Some patients choose to listen to music or watch a movie during the procedure. Ask us about your entertainment options.

During your procedure 

During the procedure, you will be seated.  Our team will do everything we can to ensure your comfort. A local anesthetic will be used, but you will be awake and alert during the procedure. There will be time for breaks during the procedure, so you can have lunch and take care of personal issues.

Following your procedure 

You can return home immediately following your procedure. Our staff will provide you specific instructions regarding post-procedural recovery and care, including how to sleep and any medications you may take. You will also be notified of your follow up appointment(s) to see Dr. Veniza.

Hair transplantation adds new hair follicles to your scalp

MYTH: At the moment, hair transplantation involves the re-distribution of your hair mass from one area of high density to cosmetically sensitive thinning areas of your scalp. Up to 50% of hair density can be removed from a given area before a visible change can be noticed by the naked eye. A youthful hairline and hair pattern can therefore be created while preserving the illusion of volume on the rest of the scalp. The scientific community is hopeful that in a few years we will be able to clone and add hair follicles to a balding scalp but research still has to be done to make is possible.

My brother is willing to donate me some hair follicles

MYTH: Like any other type of organ transplantation, your body will reject any cells that are not recognized as its own. Transplanting hair follicles from someone else would therefore imply the need for immunosuppressive therapy which is very invasive and not indicated for cosmetic elective procedures.

I am too young to lose my hair

MYTH: Androgenic alopecia can start affecting men as early as their puberty but typically is noticeable in their mid-twenties. A diagnosis and treatment plan should be established as early as possible to slow down hair thinning and progressively correct its cosmetic effect over time.

Little down time is associated to the FUE procedure

FACT: All activities can be resume 3 days after the procedure. This exclude swimming, strenuous exercise or anything involving wearing a helmet which should be resume only 1 week after the procedure. In most cases, time off work is not required. The transplanted area usually looks like a sunburn for the 2 first weeks with a pink coloration and some crusting. It also takes about 2 weeks for the donor area to grow back to the look of a “normal short hair-cut”. It is possible for patient uncomfortable with their post-operative appearance to wear a scarf or a hat to hide it.

My father is bald, should I be scared?

FACT: Pattern baldness is considered a heritable conditions and tends to run in families. It can be carried over from either the mother or father’s side and can affect both men and women. If pattern baldness is affecting members of your close and/or extended family, an early consultation with your hair physician is recommended.