Herbal Medicine

Saw palmetto, an extract of the saw palmetto berry, decreases the bioavailability of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by blocking its conversion from testosterone in a similar way than finasteride. Hair growth was noted in 60% of men suffering of mild to moderate pattern baldness taking the herbal supplement. The usual recommended dose is 160mg twice daily.

Pumpkin seed oil is also believed to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Studies have reported an increase hair count with its use. The usual recommended dose is 200mg twice daily.

Grape seeds, rosemary oil, ginseng and green tea have also been shown to be alternative treatments in androgenic alopecia but research proving their efficacy is limited.

Although rare, side effects have been reported with the use herbal supplements. They can also interact with other medication or illnesses. It is important to consult your hair doctor before starting any type of herbal therapy.


Hair cloning is a promising avenue of treatment for the future but is still under research and development. Our team of experts is constantly looking for new innovations to offer our patients a broad range of evidence based treatments and technologies.